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16 September 2016

The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer

Who doesn't need a egg shape thermometer that also acts as a night light? This super cool thermometer has been a great feature for my baby's nursery. 

When it comes to keeping up with having a little human to look after and all the safety procedures that comes with it, and being a first time mum, I like to be prepared for all kinds of situations. The Gro-Egg thermomter does its job by making sure that your baby's room is at a safe temperature day and night. It is a no fuss set up gadget, simply turn it on and away you go!

How does it work? The genius part of this gadget is that it mainly focuses on colour. The changing of colours tells you whether your room is either too warm, too cold or just right. Red indicates that the room is too hot, orange is room temperature and blue indicates that the room is too cold.

Personally, I think this is a great feature to have in a nursery, but also a great feature for all rooms in the house. Since the weather has been so uncomfortably hot these past couple of weeks, the egg has stayed red, which has prompted me to cool down the room immediately with open windows and fans. It is also works great as a coloured night light.

Having a baby and especially being a first time mum, I'm really happy with this gadget as it puts me at ease knowing that I can keep a close eye on the temperature of my baby's room.

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