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27 August 2016

Changing Table Essentials

Dirty nappies are a given when you have a little human in your life. Poo poos and wee wees stay permanently in your vocabulary when you become a parent. You can't escape the challenge of nappy changing, but you can make it easier for yourself with the right set up and tools. Here are the essential must-have items needed for a successful nappy change.

08 August 2016

Jamberry Nails

I've never really been a girl that goes for manicures, mainly because I had one really, really god awful experience after getting my nails done at a salon a few years ago. Lets just say my nails have never been the same since. Anyways, learning from that said experienced, I've now resorted to keeping my nails as simple as possible, staying away from artificial manicures and keeping my nails as healthy as possible.