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27 August 2016

Changing Table Essentials

Dirty nappies are a given when you have a little human in your life. Poo poos and wee wees stay permanently in your vocabulary when you become a parent. You can't escape the challenge of nappy changing, but you can make it easier for yourself with the right set up and tools. Here are the essential must-have items needed for a successful nappy change.

Obviously! Whether you opt for disposable or re-useable, have as many nappies at hand because those little humans needs changing at least 10 times a day. A handy tip is to stack as many nappies on your changing table to save you from scrambling for more whilst your little one is fidgeting about on the changing station. Pampers have worked a treat for us!

Definitely one of the essentials needed to tidy up all the explosive episodes. Absolutely love Pampers wipes, Water wipes and Johnson's baby wipes. 

Because a dry bum = happy baby. There's nothing worse than nappies sticking to your baby's bum. Also a great product to use to protect those squishy bums from getting nappy rashes. Johnson's baby powder is a firm favourite in my household - smells so lovely! 

Nappy rashes are horrid. Using diaper ointment such as sudocrem helps ease and sooth those red, sore gremlins. Sodocrem works a treat - starts working the moment you apply it on your baby's bum. 

A germ free environment is a must when you have a little one! Night time nappy changes when you have absolutely no energy to run to the bathroom to wash your hands. A tub of hand sanitiser will save you the trip.

Because accidents happen. You are garanteed a pee or poo explosion the moment you take the nappy off your little one. If you have a boy, you're in for what I call a #1 marking-their-territory fountain spray all over themselves and you. The joys of parenthood hey!

To distract your baby, because often or not, babies are not the best of fans when it comes to nappy changing. It only takes a minute for them to get distracted so that you can change them, often one handedly without a little voice screaming the house down. 

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