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08 June 2016

A Letter To My Baby Boy

Dear Baby Boy,

I never knew it was possible to love someone that you haven't even met yet. Mummy & Daddy's heart is filled with unconditional love and we really can't wait until we meet you and see you grow up a healthy, happy and loveable little man. You are already everything that we hoped for and more. I can't begin to explain to you just how much we love you. Mummy can't wait to give you big sloppy kisses and loveable hugs everyday, because you, my first born, you are the love of my life.

We have everything ready for you. Waiting patiently for your arrival. Including a little rabbit I bought for you from Japan that's sitting in your crib waiting for your cuddles and kisses. I hope you love the bunny that mummy picked out especially for you. I haven't named him yet - I leave it to you to give him a imaginative name. If it was down to mama, then I would name him something boring like 'Mr Wabbit' and I can just imagine you say.. "no, mummy, that's a silly name. 

Daddy is so excited to teach you everything he knows, including his love for animation, films, art and cooking. Your daddy is so talented and creative, quite the opposite of your mummy. I know you love him so much already as your kicks are so much more powerful when daddy touches mummy's belly. Do you hear him talk to you at night? do you feel daddy's warm kisses? he gives you so many kisses because he loves you so, so much. 

You have so many aunties, uncles and cousins waiting for your arrival. They are all so excited to meet you. Your grandma & granddad are so excited to meet you too. Expect lots of kisses from them!

Thank you for making this pregnancy the best first pregnancy that I could ever ask for. You have been an angel and I thank God everyday for you. You energetic kicks and somersault movements, although at times can be a little painful, is one of many reasons why I am smiling every day. Gosh, this smile of mine makes my cheeks ache!

I promise you that mummy and daddy will love you, protect you, teach you and do the best for you even after the day you leave us for the big wide world. Baby boy, the next time I speak to you, you will be in my arms... 

See you in July, my baby boy.

Lots of love, 

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