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13 July 2016

My Birth Story

Motherhood. You read so much on it, you hear so many stories from other mothers, yet when it comes down to it, it's a whole different ball game.

As I type this post, trying my very best not to fall asleep, my little bundle of joy is sound asleep in his moses basket, looking cute as a button. How is it possible that I miss him even when he's just a few feet away from me? My little man has stolen my heart.

Noah. Our bundle of joy. At 1-months old, is already a little character. Born on 16th June 2016, weighing over 5lbs and arriving just over 4-weeks early.

I'm going to keep my birth story simple and try not go in to too much gory detail, because you know, some things are best left in the delivery room. I honestly don't remember much of the labour as I was pretty much high on gas and air, which FYI is the only pain relief I opted for ----- The day my waters broke is still a bit of a blur as it went from rushing in to hospital at 5am, to my contraction starting the following evening. I was in labour for over 20-hours even though it felt like a decade.

My waters decided to break at 4:00am on June 15th during a mad dash to the toilet, which was pretty much the norm in my pregnancy to have to rush to the toilet in the middle of the night/morning. I felt a big gush, but this didn't startle me nor did it made me realise that my waters had broken. I blame this on being half asleep! I thought I just needed to pee, but how wrong was I? It was when I started to bleed that throw me in to a big panic. R was at this point half asleep when I dashed in to the bedroom to alert him that I was bleeding. It scared the living day lights out of him. We packed our bags and rushed to the hospital as quick as possible. With all this going on, you'd think I'd be in a panic, but I was surprisingly calm... up until I got to the hospital.

When I got to hospital, the midwifes did all the necessary checks and confirmed that the baby was doing fine and had a very strong heart beat. I waited roughly 20-minutes to be seen by a doctor who did all the internal checks and confirmed that my waters had broken and that I wouldn't be able to go home from then on. At this point, I began to go in to panic mode because 1. I was over 4-weeks early (35+2days) and 2. OMG, I was going to be a Mum! I was pretty much num from this point..

My contractions started at around 8:00am, the pain was bearable. At around 9:30-10:30pm my contractions started to come in waves, with roughly 5-minutes between each contractions. The pain was horrendous, like a knife slowly being twisted in to your abdomen and back. The pain was nothing like I have experienced before. FYI, contrary to popular belief, they are not like period pains. ------ From 11:30pm - onwards, my contractions got more and more painful and my screams got louder and louder. I was so tired and my body was so overwhelmed that I fainted twice during labour. I did not know what was going on around me, all I can feel was the contractions coming closer and closer and I felt the need to push.

Noah was born healthy at 2:27am 16.06.2016

Despite fainting twice and scaring the living day lights out of R, I would go through the pain all over again. Child birth is one of the most amazing and surreal experience a woman can go through. No amount of books, tv shows or other people's experience can prepare you for labour.

The love you feel when you see your flesh and blood after 8/9 long months is incredible.

Fast forward 1-month. Noah is showing so much progress despite being preterm. He is gaining weight fast, he smiles a lot, absolutely loves milkies, adore cuddles and is one hell of a strong little man. I am so proud of how far he has come - he definitely is one little fighter.

Motherhood is hard, but at the same time, it's the most rewarding role that I will ever play. Yes the lack of sleep knocks you for six, but despite the bags under my eyes, it's all worth it. You'll learn to live off micro naps and yes, when they say "sleep when the baby sleep" definitely sleep when the baby sleeps ----- Motherhood teaches you to trust your instinct and parent the way you want to. People will give you advice and show you "the way", but only you know your child best. I have learn't to let the little things go because non of the minor things really matter now. I have learn't that I am no longer number one and that a little human depends on me forever or at least when he is 18. I never knew you can love someone so much. And I have learnt that watching your baby sleep is the best sight ever.

Noah. The love of my life!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Aw this was so sweet! My daughter was born June 1st :)
    You are so right when you say no one can prepare you for labour! SOO much more painful than I ever thought it would be haha

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. I can't even begin to describe the pain! Ouch!

  2. ahh, i was looking forward to reading this post and am glad you and your lil one is doing well. Am glad you didn't sugar coat the labour experience but at the same time, you kept it 'clean' lol. Happy belated birthday to N. Wishing you, R and N all the best xx

  3. Aww congrats hun, what an emotional story. Glad you're all well and healthy xx

  4. Congratulations! I didn't know you already had given birth >_< I don't think I would be strong enough for birth without any epidural. I'm so glad you and baby Noah are healthy and doing fine! Can't wait to read more of your adorable posts about him in the future.


    1. Maybe next time I'll opt for the epidural! haha. Thanks lovely xx

  5. Congrats! What a lovely birth story! He is beautiful and love the name Noah too (a lil biased as that's my surname!) had my son 2 weeks after you and although wasn't a premature baby was 2 weeks early.


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