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06 March 2015

Currently Loving.. | Deliciously Ella

Hello! My very first post on my (last) new blog. I'll like to start with a mini review on one of my favourite cook books. Trust me because this one is a good'un.

As a full-time foodie, I love dinning out and exploring the vast choices of restaurants that London has to offer. However, there are days where I just to want (read: need) to laze around at home, put on my comfiest PJs. watch trashy TV, and enjoy a proper home cooked dinner. A healthy wholesome dinner is always scheduled in for at least three times a week for me and my better half (BH). which generally consist of mainly fresh vegetables to detox the week's worth of naughty-step meals.

I'd say I'm on a intermediate level when it comes to cooking and I generally eat healthy with occasional naughty dinners. I picked up Deliciously Ella in hope for a better eating lifestyle and to discover meat-free dishes that will cleanse my mind, body and soul.

I first stumbled on to Ella's Instagram and I was immediately glued to her amazing love for a healthy foods. She also snaps some of the best food photography, and is soon becoming my favourite Instagrammer.

Price: £20.00 Purchased: Olivia Bonas 

This book is pure genius. Who would have thought of making gooey chocolate brownies with Sweet potatoes? of course Ella would. I can't wait to make this recipe as I've just recently bought myself a food processor. I did have the pleasure in making the wonderful Baked Banana, Blueberry and Raison Oatmeal for breakfast and it was absolutely delicious and very, very healthy.

Ella uses plant based ingredients in all her recipes, which will always be full of goodness and great for your body. What I also love about this book is that the recipes are never time consuming unlike most cook books. You can rustle up a dish in less than 30-minutes.

If you want a different and healthy alternative to your favourite breakfast, snacks, lunches or dinner, then Ella will steal your hungry heart with this wonderfully written cook book with an edge.

Thank you for reading!

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