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13 March 2015

Chicago | Photo Diary (2) ✈

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was pretty spectacular. BH and I got to the parade just after sunrise on a very cold Thursday 27th November. It was very crowded with people camped out on the pavements, with their blankets at the ready. We stood at the front, giving us the best view of the parade. The atmosphere was something that you just got to experience in person. 

We took a trip to the  Field Museum, a much grander museum than the Natural History Museum in London. It was a great way to hide ourselves away from the snow, which on this day, was spectacularly beautiful. It was coming down hard and fast at this point (1 day in to the holiday). We browsed for a good 2-3 hours here, with a free trip to the indoor cinema included. It was a fun little escape from the cold.

I could imagine how beautiful Chicago is in the summer, especially knowing that the city has its own beach. I am really hoping to return one day to experience more of what this city has to offer. But for now, I'd like to avoid any cold cities as Winter really isn't my kind of season. 

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