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05 May 2016

10 Best Things About Being Pregnant

Despite feeling sick for the first 13-weeks (luckily with no physical morning sickness), backaches and my fingers & toes swelling like a over inflated balloon (I swear, pregnancy is actually a lovely experience!), there are so many things that I absolutely love about being pregnant.

1. Falling In Love With Him All Over Again

My love for R has changed..... In a way that I love him even more than I ever have. Knowing that he is the father of my child just makes me love and cherish him even more. He has been such a star throughout this pregnancy with his support, love and being there whenever I need him. I look at him and thank God everyday just how lucky I am to have an amazing soul in my life. My son is going to have the best daddy in the world.

2. Seeing The Bond Between Father & Son

Even though little bubba is still in my tummy, seeing his dad bond with him through belly tickles, tummy talks and tummy kisses just makes my heart melt. Feeling and seeing him kick when his daddy sings to him just makes me so happy! 

3. The Kicks!

This is probably the best part of being pregnant, feeling your child move and wiggle about with a helping of energetic kicks just makes me heart skip a beat. 

4. Bigger B's

OMG I love my boobs! Something I rarely ever announce, but there are just the perfect size thanks to this pregnancy! I have nothing to complain about, other than having to buying another batch of bras! 

5. Hair & Nails On Fleek

Woohoo! My skin and nails have never been so good and I don't want it to ever to change. My nails are growing at the speed of light and it's more resilient than ever, and my hair is so silky and smooth.  This is due to the increase of hormone levels during pregnancy. Let me tell you, I bloody love these hormones of mine! 

6. The Munchies 

I crave for everything under the sun and it changes by the day. Being able to fulfil the crave and not feel too guilty about it, is the best part of being pregnant. After all, I am eating for two =) 

7.  Scheduling In Some Afternoon Nap Time

Luckily I work from home a couple of days a week so afternoon naps are a must. The first trimester I was glued to my bed, having naps almost everyday for at least 2-hrs. Come second trimester, I had a kick of energy and hardly had any naps. Now that I am in my third and final trimester, I am so exhausted, all I can think about is sleep - it's so hard to concentrate at work! 

8. Shopping For A Person You Haven't Met Yet

I love shopping for miniature clothes - everything is just so adorable. Picturing my little man in superheroes rompers just makes me happy. I can't wait to meet him!

9. Seeing My Baby During Scans 

That overwhelming love that flows through your body when your baby pops up on screen during your 12 and 20 week scan is one of my highlights of this pregnancy. When you become pregnant, it doesn't hit you until you see your baby for the first time on screen. I cried a little and I was just so happy to hear that my baby is growing healthy. 

10. Hearing Your Baby's Heart Beat

It may be something small, but hearing my little human's strong heart beat (during scans and midwife appointments) just puts me at ease knowing that my baby is cooking well in the oven. 

Thanks for reading! 

*image taken from notonthehighstreet.com


  1. I love this post! I agree with all of these things completely. Seeing the bond and love for your child from the father while they're still in your tummy is just amazing and can only get better when they're out!
    Despite having some issues I know that I'm quite frankly going to miss being pregnant and I'm sure you're going to be the same as well, it's just overall such an amazing experience and can be quite overwhelming that you've got a little one growing inside you that you made!

    Jasmine | http://kkochsongi.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I still can't get over what amazing things a female body can do! We have a little bubba growing inside you and that only is a miracle! <3 xxx

  2. What a lovely post, I'm petrified of being pregnant, I've got tunnel vision about morning sickness and stretch marks etc haha, nice to see such a positive spin on it :)
    Good luck with everything lovely!

    www.Barely There Beauty.com | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


    1. Don't worry hun, thats totally normal to feel like that - I felt exactly the same before I fell pregnant, but everything has changed! Stretch marks are just a body's way of telling you that your have a little human growing inside of you :) hehe. Thank you for your lovely message hun xx

  3. Aww this made me smile so much hun, you sound super happy and I'm glad everything is going well!!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    1. I'm glad it made you smile as much as it did for me :) Thanks lovely xx

  4. Such a lovely post! There is so much negativity about pregnancy and motherhood on the web, so it's so nice to read something so positive and touching. X

    Kate Louise Blogs


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