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13 June 2015

London Eats | Salvation In Noodles ♨

Every Asian household has one thing in common.. The love for Pho.  I grew up eating Asian food, my childhood pretty much involved food. Being raised in a Chinese household, (not) surprisingly there was a lot of Vietnamese influence in every dish my Mama masterfully cooked up. She's a pro at Pho and thats where I get my big appetite from for Vietnamese food. She always told me that food taste so much better when feasting amongst your nearest and dearest. And with that said, myself and two closes friends booked a table at Salvation In NoodlesI've been following Salvation In Noodles on Instagram (@sindaltson) for a while now and I don't know why I've taken this long to eat here.. 
how cool is the wallpaper?

Goi Ngo Sen This salad was packed full of flavour. The pickle lotus stem, carrots and daikon was crunchy and really fresh - coated in their sauce that left a hum of sweentess to the palette The sliced pork belly and prawns was a great addition to the dish as it gave the salad even more texture and depth. 

Goi Cuon Also known as Vietnamese summer rolls has always been a favourite of mine. Wrapped in a thin layer of rice paper and stuffed with pork belly, prawns, vermicelli and herbs. It was, as expected, delicious and a great light starter. 

Where do I start? This is hands down the best Asian style Chicken Wings that I have ever had. The Phu Guoc Wings tossed in fish sauce and crispy garlic was the highlight of the meal. It was crunchy, crispy and the fish sauce coating was so sweet and garlicky. 

I can't compare this to mama's, because why would I even dare? But the Bun Bo Hue was just as good. Lightweight me of course asked for the heat  be tone down. The broth (lemongrass) was so fragrant and there was plenty of it. The beef briskey was so tender and the noodles was al dente. This dish is basically a big warm hug for the stomach.

Salvation In Noodles is a great addition to the fast growing Vietnamese restaurant community that East London is currently seeing a boom in. There's nothing really to complain about here as their service partners perfectly with their food - outstanding. Although their menu is small, it is this what makes this little restaurant stand out. They concentrate on their best dishes and executes them ridiculously well. 

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