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14 May 2015

London Eats | JinJuu ♨

Korean food. There's no surprise I love food. Korean food has been trending in the food scene for as long as my culinary memory can remember. And the well deserve buzz is echoing all over the foodies community. When I heard that a brand new restaurant specialising in westernized Korean food, I was immediately sold by the description alone. I was eager to grab a table ready for the weekly date nights. I mean, how can you not be lured in when a restaurants serves fried chicken? Colonel Sauders isn't the only one that does finger licking calorific birds..

The Jin Chic Also known as Korean Fried Chicken was the highlight of meal. No Korean restaurant can get by without adding this indulgent dish to their menu. It was extremely crispy, succulent, and so moorish. A dish that is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. A dish that certainly isn't for calorie counting health enthusiasts - sorrynotsorry. It is naughty. Really, really naughty! but really, really good. The meat was tender and moist and the condiments that came along side it was a spicy delight. 

Sae-Woo Pops The prawn lollipop was a fun addition to our meal. Filled with perfectly cooked fresh prawns with a gochuchang mayo to dip. This is a dish that is ideal to share and as a side. 

Jap Chae I was surprise to find out that the noodles was made with sweet potato! Served with vegetables and eggs with a choice of marinated beef or prawns. We opted for the beef and it was a perfect main dish. I loved it so much that we ordered a second plate. The noodles, vegetables and beef was cooked to perfection and I liked the slight saltiness and heat from seasoning. 

What let's this establishment down is the lack of attentiveness provided by the staff. We had to flag for service at least three times during our meal, with not even a smile from any of the waiters/waitresses. Granted that it was a the dinner rush, but being a new restaurant I would think service would come parallel with the quality of the food. Nevertheless, the food was absolutely delicious! I can't fault any dishes, but if I had to then the level of spice was a little on the spicy side of the spectrum for a novist spicy consumer. But that's what Korean food does to you... blows your mind away. t

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  1. Korean fried chicken is my weakness! My friend did a review on this restaurant as well, the food does look really tasty. I wonder why the staff weren't as attentive? Makes all the difference in my eyes!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  2. Oh I love Korean food and had a lot of it growing up. This is a lovely post and it makes me want to travel to try all of these dishes!


  3. Hmm your fried chicken pictures are making me drool...haha! You have a lovely blog. I'll be keeping up with your future posts :)

    Feel free to stop by my blog for my travel posts if you're interested: http://www.suprajen888.blogspot.co.uk/


    Jen xoxo


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